Looking down at my feet, I realized, each step I physically took was part of a journey, and in that journey, I had a story to tell... A story that was only mine, yet so very similar to yours. It was then, I knew I could no longer keep my story locked inside my broken heart. 


Grief can often feel like the darkest and loneliest time in our lives as we are consumed with countless emotions, thoughts, and questions... "It is okay to feel crummy. It is okay to have questions. Most importantly, it is okay to feel." 

Though very personal and painful, Author Paige Anderson chose to rise and share the "raw and untouched truths" of her journey through pregnancy loss. She knew in her heart "she wasn't the only woman with so many unanswered questions. She knew she wasn't the only woman sobbing, feeling: so broken, so lost, so tired. She knew she wasn't the only woman with this hole in her heart, who desperately prayed for the anguish to go away." 

It was you who the Lord took Paige to every time she said "She could not do this." It was you who he laid deep on her heart. It was YOU. 

The Lord calls us to "let our lights shine before others..." (Matthew 5:16a) Sharing this personal journal with others who are most likely "silently" grieving is one way Paige felt she could spread light in such a dark and lonely place.

If you or someone you know has suffered the terrible loss of pregnancy, I encourage you to read this journal, soaking in each and every word and color, which have been so carefully and passionately placed on each page. I encourage you to trust God as He carries you through your grief. I encourage you to look for the light in the dark.

My heart breaks with your heart. Tears stream down my face with your tears. My nose gets plugged and snot unexpectedly and embarrassingly drips down my cheeks and onto my chin, as with yours. I feel your feel. I understand your confusion. I share your grief. 

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