Beetle Friend

Today the SUN is finally shinning here in Wahoo, NE and I got to take my rainbow and all of his stuffies for a much needed walk! Oh, what a blessing to feel the sun and smell the smells of Spring. Thank you God for today and this joyful blessing. I will hold it dear to my heart. 

Elijah and I have been walking together since he was a baby. Last summer, while on one of our daily walks, his curious, big, brown eyes spotted a very large, black beetle. His excitement was so intense as he begged me to stop the stroller and pick it up for him, so he could see his new “friend.” 

While quivering and biting my tongue, I put on my big girl pants and picked the huge, squirmy guy up. Elijah was elated! After a few minutes of him trying to keep the beetle from crawling up his sleeve, he decided it was time to put him back in his home. (A pile of leaves on the the side of the curb.)

EVERY walk since that day, at the exact same spot, after turning the corner onto the next street, Elijah asks in the most precious, angelic voice I have yet to hear, “Mommy, should we look for our beetle friend today?” And each and every time my heart melts, as I say, “I think we should!” 

Each time, our beetle friend is no where to be found. 

Sometimes Elijah asks me to stop and look under the leaves, grass, sticks, or whatever may be there. He has even asked me to dig through the snow. And each time, after noticing Elijah’s smile begin to fade, I reassure him, it is okay and maybe we will find him next time. 

Though Elijah is saddened when he does not find his friend, he is reassured and comforted by my simple and gentle response. He is comforted by my willingness to look for his beetle friend, each time he asks. He is comforted because I notice his feelings and concerns. 

Friends, though it may not always feel like it, especially when our worlds are shattered with grief, our Heavenly Father sees and hears us each and every time we ask him, “Why?” He sees and hears us each and every time the tears fall uncontrollably. He sees and hears us when we ask if, He is even there. 

He is there and there is a purpose for everything, even when we do not see it or understand. 

The Bible promises that if we draw near to God, He will draw near to us. James 4:8 Keep asking Him. Keep pouring out your heart to Him. Keep reaching towards the light. He sees you. He understands your pain. He loves you. He has a plan. 

Today I encourage you to notice and listen to someone you know who is hurting, or has a concern. Even if you have heard their questions or story countless times, and though you may not have an answer, your presence and acknowledgment will comfort them in ways we may never imagine. Even a simple smile and hug can do wonders. 

You may be the only one who notices. 

You may be the only one who gives them that push to get out of bed. 

You may be the one they have begged God to send, because their hope is nearly gone and they don’t know how much more they can take. 

God can use each and every one of us to bring comfort and encouragement to others, even when we ourselves our broken. It is through our pain, that He brings healing and beauty from ashes. All we need to be is willing. 

If the sun is shining near you today, make time to get outside and soak in God’s beauty. It will be so worth it...Maybe you will even find our long lost beetle friend. Love you, friends!

Sunshine .jpg