Story By KETV: Rising for You details the emotional journey of losing a child

WAHOO, Neb. —Paige Anderson said she has suffered more pain than anyone should have to endure.

Anderson had four miscarriages in eight years. Her first was in 2009.

"Our doctor just sort of stepped away and I knew right away something wasn't right. There was no heartbeat," Anderson said.

"At first, it was really hard to relate and understand what she was going through," said Austin Anderson, Paige's husband.

The experience was heartbreaking for Paige and her husband. During her toughest times, she would retreat to the basement art studio in her Wahoo home.

"This is my happy place," said Anderson.

She painted and kept a journal to help her cope with the pain.

"I was just crushed and broken and I wasn't ready to try again for a while," said Anderson.

When they did try to have a baby again, it did not go well. Paige had three more miscarriages within a year. One time, she almost lost her life.

But in the midst of her darkest times, Anderson's miracle baby Elijah came along.

"He's our rainbow baby," said Anderson.

She was able to stay pregnant and healthy.

With encouragement from her family, Anderson decided to publish pieces of her journal along with artwork she produced into a collection about loss and moving past it. Her journal, "Rising for You" is now available. Anderson hopes it can help bring a smile to someone's face during difficult times.

Paige and Austin Anderson are looking into adoption now. They are already adoptive parents to their niece and are looking forward to expanding their family again.

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