Original Studio in Omaha, NE. ~ GirlScout artVenture 2013

Original Studio in Omaha, NE. ~ GirlScout artVenture 2013

Just Be Free Art Boutique originally began as Just Be Free Art School  located in a tiny, finished garage in West Omaha, NE. For over five years Bellevue University BFA graduate, Paige Anderson was privileged to teach Art Lessons, as well as host Holiday Workshops, GirlScout Workshops, Homeschool Workshops, Birthday Parties, and Summer Camps to some of the sweetest children in the world, who she will forever hold dear to her heart.

Throughout those years, Paige, her husband Austin, and their niece Cali, whom they adopted at the age of seven, enjoyed the pitter patters, laughter, and memories being made each evening, as children filled the bottom level of their home. 

After much prayer and consideration, Paige closed her doors in 2013,  nine months after being blessed with their miracle baby, Elijah Cole, whom she and her husband prayed for for four years. After struggling for so many years with infertility and loss, Paige felt called to focus all of her time with her precious family, as well as write a book for other women who too had experienced her same pain. 

After spending two years gazing into her son's big brown eyes and nearly finishing the text of her book, Paige and Austin packed up their little family and moved to the quaint town of  Wahoo, NE to enjoy the "little things," so easily taken for granted in this fast-paced life.




After living in Wahoo for two years, Paige's family has adjusted wonderfully to small town life and have loved every second of it. Her book is nearly finished and ready for publication, and Elijah (as well as mommy) is ready to begin making ART!

So...with all that being said, now located in adorable downtown Wahoo, NE. Just Be Free Art School has been reborn and is now Just Be Free Art Boutique!

While Just Be Free Art Boutique still hosts clever, crafty classes for children, it now doubles as a crafting space for women, as well as a unique boutique filled with homespun treasures, art, salvaged decor... and eventually Paige's book entitled, This Box of Colors! (She also has begun two other books, which she hopes to share with you all very soon too!) 

While Paige's artwork, books, salvaged collections, and other creations can be found throughout each nook and cranny of the shop, she has also collaborated with other local artists and crafters and is so excited to be sharing their talents with you all too. With such a wide variety of unique finds, there is something sure to please everyone!

Paige could not be more excited to begin this new adventure with her family and share her gifts and talents the Lord has created her with in their little town of Wahoo!!