Grief can often feel like the darkest and loneliest time in our lives as we are consumed with countless emotions, thoughts, and questions...

Author Paige Anderson understands the deep pain of losing an unborn child.

Her journal is dedicated to the four precious angels waiting for her in heaven, Leilani Mae, Lucas Lee, Leeland Way, and Lucy Love.

It is in the honor of these precious children that Paige shares her personal story as a source of comfort and hope for other women who have suffered the terrible loss of miscarriage.

If you or someone you know has suffered from pregnancy loss, I encourage you to read Rising For YOU, or purchase it for that someone.

Every word and color have been carefully and passionately placed on each page, encouraging you to trust God as he carries you through your grief and to look for the light in the dark. You are not alone.

As you read Rising For YOU, may you be blessed in the midst of your storm, and may your sorrow be lifted as you are brought closer to our heavenly Father.

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